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    Campagnolo Xenon rear derailleur problem

    I bought a new one, my first road-bike on 'Xenon'. I am concerned about the rear derailleur.
    Runs smoothly and quietly, but I don't know if the spring is mounted properly in the body.
    Here is a photo

    Spring is like above the letters "olo"
    From this side spring is properly mounted, "in the middle" of a metal rod.

    But the other end of the spring is like a 'free'

    Is this ear (hook) should not be hooked on something? It seems to me too short to be able to hook them with something ....
    But it looks strange, being so free.

    Campagnolo instructions say nothing about this spring. This part is not at all in the manuals, it does not exist in any drawing

    I can not find the right pictures. How is it in your road-bikes?

    Can you help? Can you post your photos?

    Thanks, sorry for my English.

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    It's normal. It is meant to push on the inside of the parallelogram. The design goes back at least as far as Nuovo Record.
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