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    Knocking while pedaling with load on handlebars

    Hello all, I hope you can help me out with a knocking sound I can't seem to narrow down. The noise appears to be coming from the front side of the bicycle. It only occurs while I am pedaling and leaning on the handlebars. If I sit more upright and put no pressure on the handlebars while pedaling, the sound goes away. I've checked everything I can think of with my limited knowledge to see if anything is loose but can only recreate the sound while riding.

    Any thoughts?

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    Check everything over on the front of the bike. Headset bearing tension, all stem bolts, wheel bearings, if you have adjustable bearings--cone and locknuts, quick release/axle bolts...
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    You need to check headset first. Try straddling top tube and applying brakes, then rochk bike forward and back. If it clunks your headset needs attention. Usually adjustment will suffice but more rarely it could be a cup or race that is not a press fit any more.

    If there's no clunking that way check front hub for proper adjustment (no side-to-side play). Google "adjust headset (or hub)" for lots of video and written instructions, and add either "Park tool" or "Sheldon" for two of the most popular sources of help.
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