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    Centering Brakes?

    I have dual pivot brakes. I am having trouble finding the proper method to center them. It is possible that my wheel is just slightly not centered in the font fork. However I do not believe it is enough to start readjusting the wheel. Can I re-center the wheel? I have taken it off several times and it goes back in the same place. Again it is VERY close.

    The reason I think it is not centered is the centering screw on the top of the brake seems to be out too much to center the breaks. I know that this is only to be used for minor adjustments. I am concerned that this might not be safe. Can I loosen the breaks, squeeze them and retighten? Is this an acceptable method? Also, I already looked at Park Tools site; it does not seem to help.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Wheel off center and brakes off center are really separate issues

    Wheel off center: To check if it is the wheel or the forks, flip the wheel around. If it is still off center to the same side, it is the forks. If it is off center but the other side, it is the wheel. An off-center wheel can be centered by adjusting the spokes.

    You are correct that the centering screw is meant for minor adjustments. If the brakes are drastically off center, the method you describe is the correct procedure *but* first put the centering screw in less extreme position so that it can be later used for fine adjustments. If it is all the way out or all the way in, you may not be able to adjust adequately.

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