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    I am thinking about removing and installing a new raceface chromoly bottom brackett and raceface turbine lp crankset on my bike. The guy at the bike shop said the job is too hard if someone has not done it before, and one of the tools needed cost over $100. i bought a book the other day and it doesnt seem too bad. If anyone has the time...could you describe both of these processes? Any tricks or tips would be of great use. What tools do i need to buy? I also have a bullet brothers roller system I want to put on...i am using a single chainring in the front...and i have not seen any books which describe this. I think it is real easy though. Thanks for the help.


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    You will need some tools...

    Here's a list of the special tools you'll need:

    Crank bolt wrench (14mm socket or 8mm allen)
    Crank puller (example: Park CCP-1)
    BB tool (example: Park BBT-2)

    Park is just one of several bike tool manufacturers. You should be able to find these or similar tools at your local bike shop.

    Here's some abbreviated instructions:
    1. Remove crank bolts

    2. Remove crank (screw large part of tool into crank arms, then screw small part of tool in until it contacts the BB spindle. Then keep turning the tool and it will push the arm off)

    3. Remove non-drive side (left) BB cup using the BB tool. The left side has right handed (normal) threads. Next remove the drive side (right) BB cup. You'll have to turn it backwards, as the right side has left handed (reverse) threads.

    4. Clean out the bottom bracket threads. Apply a thin layer of grease to the inside of the frame where the threads are.

    5. Install the drive side BB cup (with the BB and spindle) remembering that it is reverse threaded. Don't screw it in all of the way.

    6. Install the non-drive side BB cup. Also don't screw it in all of the way.

    7. Work both sides in until they are protruding from the frame about equally and tighten them.

    8. Install the drive side crank arm and tighten the bolt (grease it first, though)

    9. Now the tricky part (not really that tricky, also this may not apply to you depending on which Race Face BB you're using). Check the chainline. Since you're using a single front ring, it should line up with the middle of the rear cassette. If it doesn't, remove the arm (same as before) and move the BB cups which-ever direction required (screw one out and the other in). Re-install the right arm and check the chainline again. Repeat until you're satisfied.

    10. Install the non-drive side arm and tighten the bolt.

    I won't even approch the roller chain guide as there are too many different types. If it's the type that is retained by the drive side BB cup, then you'll likely need to install it before putting the cup into the frame (back at step 5).

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