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    Chain recommendations and Q: regarding when chain size changes? Geared bikes.

    What size of cluster dictates chain size change? Even down to 6 cluster?

    I'm trying to keep a larger chain, one of the considerations about 9 spd. I run a single chainring and I high torsion the drive rather than gear out when doing many types of cycling.

    I've not snapped a chain since a kid, but don't want to..and just may when doing rock hopping.

    I'm on a 7cluster, am building an 8 or 9.
    I THOUGHT I read of a Sachs? chain that ran lower gears?

    I'm get the cog spacing, but what can I go for now (even still on 7) that can do an 8 cluster as chain?

    Also would SG cogs matter for building the 8 cogset? can I re-cycle them or should\will it be IG?

    Sram is o.k. What is the Sram designation 7-8 and 9, in case I order?
    Something more heavy or exotic is fine. No hollow\light chains I think.

    I entered back into bikes during the 9spd phaze and am not familiar with what went on in drive upgrades?
    Maybe I want to stay 7 speed - phat chain!


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    6-7&8 chains are the same what will work for one will work for the others 9 speed is a bit narrower. I have good results with SRAM PC 58 and 59 chains

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