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    I got used to inline 'barrel' adjusters on an STI equipped bicycle I have and decided that
    I could benefit from them on my commuter, which also has STI, albeit the more
    humble Tiagra. The ones I bought are Nashbar branded, but seem identical to
    those marketed as Jagwire. They came with no instructions, which is
    of some annoyance. I think I get the idea though, can anyone
    with some experience confirm or criticise my installation procedure ?

    1. mark the housings at the point one wants the adjusters.
    2. take the cables/housings off
    3. cut the housing at the point marked.
    4. thread the short piece of housing onto the cable next to the STI,
    install the STI-side ferrule, and the barrel itself.

    5. followed by the other ferrule and the remainder of the housing.
    6. rotate the barrel such that the mechanism exerts the least lengthening
    on the cable
    7 adjust deraillleurs.
    8 use barrels to trim derailleurs as needed.

    Did I get any of this wrong? Thank you very much.
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