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    Geared Hub Spacing

    I've got a fixie, but would like to do some long hilly rides - like SeattleToPortland coming up this summer. I think gears might be a good thing. I think geared hubs might be a good thing. I could just replace the wheel when I want gears, and then fix my bike again when not doing long distances.

    I know, I know. Suck it up and get stronger. Take that fixie the distance. Well, I'm not there yet. Besides, I think it'd be fun to check out an internally geared hub. So, down to some details...

    Centurion frankenbike:
    126mm spacing in rear
    42mm chainline
    26mm diameter bullhorns (going to have to shift the thing with a shifter somewhere)

    It looks like the Shimano Nexus 8 won't fit (130something spacing). Thoughts? I'd like to be able to swap a geared hub wheel in/out of my current setup. I don't know that I need 8 gears (though that might be fun too). 3 might do, if it had somewhere over 200% range.

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    for shifter... maybe downtube, or if you dont use reverse levers you could use a bar-end shifter. etiher way you should be albe to make it work with a friction shifter.
    maybe you could get an old 3 speed or something, they are probably spaced small enough, you if its 130mm you can easily spead the frame (centurion is steel right?).

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