Hi guys (n gals off course)

I have gotten my fingers on a Olympia boost frameset(BOOST,Road,Cicli Olympia Bike) ... now here's my problem

It says that the frame supports all kinds of press fit BB... so can i buy any press fit BB and it will Fit? seems to me there should be a size or something... would this one for example be ok? Bike24 - Bottom Brackets of FSA, Rotor, Campagnolo, Hope, Shimano, Truvativ, ACROS, B.O.R, THM, Chris King, Miche, KCNC, Stronglight, Race Face, ZIPP, Fulcrum, Cannondale, ax-lightness and ***

im kindda lost here...

also the previous owner ran campagnolo super record and i want to stay with shimano can i just remove the old BB and stick any shimano compatible press fit BB in there?

Hope some of you can give me a hint or two