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    Defective BB cups (DA 10spd BB)?

    I am starting to get this annoying creaking my BB on my six13. It started to creak 5 weeks ago, I have removed my DA-10 speed BB and regreased and teflon-taped it, it is still creaking. I thought it was my ritchey SPD road pedals, but I removed them on put on different pedals and it's still creaking. The noise is very apparent when I push down on my left crank arm from the 12 o'clock position downwards.

    I am hoping that maybe i did not torque the "left crankarm" enough, as Shimano spec to torque the crank arm to 106-132 inch lbs. torque. Any thoughts?

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    Get a torque wrench and check it out for yourself. Also check the torque on the BB cups.

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