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    DT Swiss 240 Hub

    I have a set of 240ís on the road and have been pretty happy. I noticed there is a 36 tooth hugi gear set available. I have the 18 tooth gear set currently. I noticed doing a quick search that some people say the 36 is not as durable as the 18. That would not be good tradeoff in my opinion. Can this be confirmed, or any other light shed on the subject?

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    you can trade off the larger more robust pawls for quieter smaller pawls if you wish. Many people have no problem. If you ride reasonably easy and don't hammer it and hate the noise of the 240 it might be very reasonable. If you value dependability above all else, don't bother. If you hammer hard and put out huge wattage on hills I wouldn't think it would be a smart move but all of this is just based on what I have read.
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