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My hat is off to the guy that build 8 to 10 wheels a day. I think my record is 6. However, there is no way I can dedicate full days to it, so maybe I could hit those numbers if I had nothing else to do.
Just checked my records, and my year to date count is 58 wheels, 54 of those for the bike shop.
I am head wheel builder for my company, I have one other builder under me. We both spend probably 90% of the day in front of the stand building wheels unless we have some other project going on, demo bikes needing built, etc. I think my record is 16 wheels in a day but that was far from a standard 8 hour day. When you build all day every day you get pretty quick while still keeping the quality top notch. Also helping with efficiency is only a few options in rim/hub/spoke combos as well as a dedicated wheel building station set up to each of our own preferences. For being a small company we send a lot of bikes out the door and with only having high end options we want every wheel hand built so we learn to be pretty efficient.