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    Wondering what is wrong with my trek 7.1FX

    Ill try to upload some pics, ive come here to find out so i hope youir forumers are helpful!

    back wheel is 'wobbly'. that is to say when i 'spin' it the wheel moves around. The pedals move slightly and the gears 'jump'. I believe its something to do with the wheel wobbling around on the actual (axle?) like the middle bit is loose and the bit where the ballbearings and stuff are is loose. sorrry for massacring any terminolgoy there. I am new to cycling and this is my first bike that wasnt a mountain bike or $100 dollars from kmart.

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    Grab the wheel at the top and try to move it side to side in the frame. If there is any play, if there's any movement at all while the wheel is correctly mounted and quick release correctly tensioned and set, the hub bearings need adjustment.

    If this is not the case, look at the rim/brake interface when spinning the wheel. If you notice that the rim gets closer to the brake surface, or in extreme instances, if the rim hits the brake pad at certain points, the wheel needs to be trued.

    The pedals moving slightly while spinning the wheel -- there might be a bit of friction within the bearings of the freewheel/freehub which will go away over time.

    If the gears are jumping when you do this, probably cable tension to the rear derailleur needs to be adjusted.

    If you bought it new at a bike shop, they should adjust things correctly as part of a normal new bike follow-up service. If it's a used bike, pay for a tune up and mention the issues you listed here as concerns on your end.
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    Mconlonx has some good suggestions. You likely have more than one problem, and not knowing anything about bike make/model/age or when/how the problem started makes it next to impossible to start a diagnosis. We need that info first, but I always suggest in-person help if possible - bike co-op, knowledgeable friend or even (horrors!) a local bike shop. If those options are not available or you choose to not use them we need the following info.

    Bike make/model?
    Number of speeds/age (acquired new or used)?
    Under warrantee or free adjustment period?
    When did problem start?
    Did any maintenance or incident directly precede the problem first starting?

    p.s. The quotes around various words do nothing for clarity. As for terminology, Google bike parts diagram

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