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    1984 Peugeot PSV-10 derailleur replacements/upgrade

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to replace the rear and perhaps also the front derailleur on my PSV-10. I'm new to the derailleur game so I'm hoping someone can walk me through it.

    The hanger (is this the right word) is threaded, through the Simplex RD that I'm replacing did not make use of the threading. I'd like to replace the stripped Simplex RD (part of the internal spring mechanism appears to be broken/stripped and the thing won't stay in place under tension) with something that can handle a 9 speed cassette.

    In the front, I understand that the tube diameter may be French and non-standard. Is this indeed the case and if so, is shimming available that will work (and not slip)?

    I'm planning to keep the downtube shifters but would be interested in finding out if there are upgrades I can make on the derailleurs that would be STI compatible moving forward. That said, moving to STI lies in the distant future (I'd have to replace the crank+chainrings, right?)--for the moment I'm most interested in a bike that I can ride.

    Thanks as always.

    2014-07-18 22.13.27.jpg2014-07-18 22.13.23.jpg2014-07-18 22.12.56.jpg2014-07-18 22.12.45.jpg2014-07-18 22.11.55.jpg
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    To me, front shifters have never been much of an issue. Not even top end ones shift well under load and even the simple ones shift well unloaded.
    For the rear, if you're using friction shifting at the moment, pretty much any derailer will do.
    For future upgrades, a Campy non-QS front shifter has so fine indexation that it'll shift just about anything. No pressing need to replace the crank/BB.
    Then it depends what you have/want to do with your rear wheel. Campy 10 will shift Shimano 8 just fine together with a wide range of Shimano derailers.

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