I have a black steel frame with white Fuji stickers on it. The person that sold it to me over the Ebay said that it is a touring frame, but it doesn't have canti bosses and it doesn't have front rack mounts. I am thinking that is some other kind of road frame. There is no model name or number on this frame. It has a 23" seat tube (center of the BB to the top of the seat tube), and a 22.5" top tube. One of the stickers says that it is made with "True Temper AVR Chromoly, and another one says "1998." It takes caliper brakes, but the reach is around 51mm, so I am assuming that if I measured it correctly, it takes medium reach calipers. Does anyone know about this frame? I would like to know more about its geometry angles, bottom bracket height, and for what it was originally intended. I looked at Fuji's site, and did some internet searches, and I cannot find any information about 1998 Fuji road bikes.