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    I've searched the forums & have not come up with an answer to my specific question.

    Is an SRAM PC-48 8-speed chain an acceptable replacement for my UG50 (the UG50 was on the bike when I bought it last year)?
    The cassette is 8-speed.

    Is it as simple as "use an 8-speed chain for an 8-speed cassette regardless of brand" ?

    Any web site that has a cross-reference chart?
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    OK, I'll answer my own question after talking to the service guys at my LBS.

    The SRAM PC48 chain is fine.

    I left the old chain on to long & it caused enough wear on the cogs to be a probem with the new chain.

    Replace the cassette, use the new PC48 chain.

    Chainrings probably ok.

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