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    How To Start A Bicycling Revolution In An Unfriendy Bike City

    No other blog of it's kind that I could find.

    Start A Bicycling Revolution In An Unfriendly Bike City


    "Yes, it is true, I proceed through every red light and stop-sign that I can. I treat red lights as yield signs. My speed going through a light could be anywhere between walking speed and 30 mph depending on clear lines of sight. During my normal 17 mile commute I may commit 50 moving violations including running red lights, rolling through stop signs, passing on the right, "obstructing traffic", reckless operation, turning without a signal, crossing a double yellow line, speeding, and once in a while - riding against traffic or upon a walkway / sidewalk. I don't know really...maybe more than 50 per day."

    "...try to keep an open mind, as you have probably been brainwashed into thinking that operating an agile twenty pound precision machine amongst 3000 pound lumbering behemoths, idling in their own carbon stew, would be safer if you behaved just like them. I can generate half a horse power for a minute or two. Cars can generate 300 horse power for unlimited amounts of time. We are not the same. Do not be fooled by lazy lawmakers that don't even ride a bike."

    "We do not need special laws about cell phone use as they are already on the books and ready to be enforced. "Reckless Operation Of A Motor Vehicle" and "Failure To Signal A Turn" would cover most of the problem. It is well documented that cell phone use distracts the vehicle operator enough to compare to a person who is pretty drunk. This effects every road user, makes auto insurance higher, and frankly - kills people! So Officer...get off your gahdam phone and write some tickets!"

    "An IQ test should be incorporated into the state driver's license test. Also some measure of hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Maybe put a "Whack-a-mole" game at the DMV with a mandatory score for even applying for a license."

    "If I tackle this stretch at prime time, morning rush or evening rush, I could easily pass a couple of hundred jammed-up motorists. Makes me laugh every time. Suckers."
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    Sounds interesting and unique. I'm pretty sure your tune will change once you get clipped pretty good, though. Welcome to the blogosphere, all the same.
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