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    “Berlin-Hanoi 2008” bike expedition & culture project


    “Berlin-Hanoi 2008” is a bike expedition starting in Berlin (DE) and ending in Hanoi (VN). Marco, the rider of our team, will cycle on the expedition route for approximately 40.000km. He shall be accompanied during his journey by two team partners in a campervan.

    Not only is the athletic challenge the goal of this expedition, but also the creation of a European-Asian Culture Collage. This collage will consist of sayings and common wisdoms of the crossing cultures. The camper's surface shall be used to visualize such sayings and philosophies of life.


    The environment
    The camper shall be operated by an alternative energy source.
    Looking for sponsor/s interested in testing a prototype of alternative energy for the camper.

    A fund-raising campaign

    We would like to set up a fundraising campaign, collecting donations for a contemporary sustainable issue such as peace, poverty, and environment.
    Looking for partners to assist us in the organisation of such a campaign.
    Alternatively, looking for an aid organisation interested in cross co-operation.

    Communication via music
    Bands shall compose songs for our "world-connected music" sampler. The lyrics shall represent project topics and Marco's thoughts.
    Looking for bands interested in joining our music programme

    Communication via media
    We would like to broadcast the expedition not only on our homepage but also via the world media.
    Looking for Global media contacts interested in broadcasting our expedition

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