I have a bicycle blog. It has over 400 posts in it. Anything from advocacy, interesting facts to one of my latest creations, my area's history & culture by bicycle.

I am getting ready to start the next in the series of the history & culture of my area. So far I have 31 parts to it. In other words 31 posts about the differant sites & events that one can go to via walking or bicycling.

I would like your opinion on 2 things.

First, should I create a blog just for the history & culture posts? I ask this because I have these posts mixed in with everything else.

Second has to do with the next in the series of the history & culture by bicycle for my area. It is going to be on the terra cotta of the buildings in the downtown area of my city. What I'd like your opinion on is if you were going to use the info on the blog to walk or ride your bike around the downtown area of Sioux City or any city for that matter to view the beautiful terra cotta of the buildings, would you rather see information posted per building with information about the architectural style of the terra cotta, or per architectural style of the terra cotta which will include info. about the buildings? In other words how would you prefer it to be catagorized? Per building or per architectural style?

Some of the architectural styles are mixed together. Some buildings share the same style while others are the only building with that particular style & no other building was built with that style.

Some of the styles include but are not limited to Praire School Style, Richardson Romanesque, Chicago School Elements, Moorish Facade & Sullivanesque Style.

An example of mixing 2 styles together os one building has the Sullivanesque with Chicago School Elements mixed in. While other buildings are only the Prarie School Style.

Thanks for your opinion.