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    Mountain Bike Writer Looking for Feedback!

    Hi BikeForums,

    I'm just starting to cut my teeth as a cycling writer for online publications. I'd love feedback on anything I've written about mountain biking if you're interested in something I've written about in the world of cycling. I don't claim to be an authority, but I research carefully to make sure I'm producing quality work, and I'm improving over time.

    Thanks for checking me out!

    Livestrong: The Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

    Livestrong: Proper Mountain Bike Tire Pressure

    If you want to see more, just google "Max Roman Dilthey." I'm out there!
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    TBO, I am not a writer, nor do I claim to be in any shape, or form - and on that note, kudos to you. I clicked on the tire pressure link, as I am new to the tubeless setup, thinking you perhaps you had a different method of thinking and approach compared to what is already out there. All I saw was a reiteration of how pressures work in a general setup, with no guidelines, or starting points with any regard to tubes or tubeless pressures. These kinds of things would be beneficial to a new rider considering either direction, and where to start. Secondly, there are so many commercial links in your article, I could not determine if there was a page two or not. I know website hosting isn't cheap, but having all those links to "You Might Also Like", Top Seven Tires, Cooper Tires, Toyota Parts and Service, Cooper Tires, and even a tire size chart turned me off quick. I felt like I was reading a generic advertisement with no idea on where to go next, except for the big X button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    Don't get me wrong, the writing is well written, but perhaps not informative enough for your target market, and all the ads is a killer. Instead of going with your current hosting service, you might be better off starting a blog. Here is a regular guy giving great information, without all the mess that Livestrong is choking you out with. Matt On Bikes is a good example on where you should be - but again, all my opinion, but it seems no-one else wants to chime in here at BikeForums perhaps because of what I have pointed out.
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