I'm not sure what your full budget is, but if you don't really have parts around, then buying a complete bike is easily the best bang for your buck out there. Yes, things will need to be upgraded over time, but at least you will have something to ride.

Take a look at Haro specs if you have some more cash there are other bikes they make that may have identical geometry that give you better parts on the bike. I'm not entirely sure of their product lineup.

I personally don't give a damn about geometry. I can get used to whatever I am on as long as it is of reasonable design and quality. So, an entry level Haro, to a top of the line custom built T1 is fine with me. It is the details of the product that really mess with your pricing. By a few hundred bucks you may have 100% chromoly frame & fork, but the components may still stink.

If I had the cash and were to consider the single best complete bike on the market, I would look at the Mongoose Team series which is about ten steps ahead of every other complete bike on the market.

As I said though, bikes all feel good to me, and today's bikes are way better than the bikes of a decade ago.