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    Building new bike (need help)

    I am new at this, i know some bike parts names and some basic tricks. I am building a new bike its gonna be a dirt jumping bike that goes fast. I want to spend less than $250.

    My friend wants to sell me his:
    - NEW Haro Slim Bars i think msrp is $30 im not sure
    - GT sprocket dunno what its called, if ne 1 plz tell me and what the valuie is worth
    i found a pic of it :

    - Its the sprocket in the GT Power Series Pro.
    - And some USED chain tensioners worth he bought them for $10

    ----------HE selling it for $40-----------

    Here r a few Q's
    1) I wants to know ifthe deal is worth it.....
    2) Can i build a decent dirt jumping bike for under $250......
    3) Ne suggestions........
    4) What parts should i get......

    hrmmm ...... im out of questions

    well thanks

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    Well the bars dont give him more then 25 for, for the sprocket, that thing retails for 29.99, so if its in nice condition, dont give him more then 25 for it. If you are looking for dirtjumping bike, then i would go with the general lee. Old series though, this years model is made out of high tensel steel, so i dont reccomment it....


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