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    Did u see this on Sportscenter?

    did u guys see Sportscenter tonight? they showed how they're breaking down all
    the tricks. they're using that same
    tech they used at the super bowl to show every angle of hte move. its ognna be
    awesome. i can finally figure out how
    hoffman, and lavin do their thing. i hope the rest of the coverage is as good on
    ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2, aren't they
    like the same company? oh well i'll still enjoy the games from 18-23. oh yeah and if
    u like video games i highly recommend the hawk in the house game that's on EXPN. i
    hear u can win a chance to have hawk come to your skate park. it sounds really
    cool. and the game is really addictive.

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    No, I did not.
    ***This space for rent!***

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