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    rebuild or buy new (cheap)

    I have an old Hoffman Resistance sitting in my basement from before I got my drivers license. I want to get back into some street riding but this bike is in no riding condition.

    Being in the number of peices its in I have no idea the condition of the crank or any of the important things...

    Handelbars are trashed from a nast fall (right is at about 45 degree angle)
    Front wheel is... missing...
    Brakes probably could use new pads and probably cables.
    seat is trashed

    Frame is banged up but still solid
    chain and sprocket appears passable...
    I already have it.

    Obviously I want to get riding as soon as I can so it seems like I should start new.
    Is it a decent enough bike to keep around or should I just junk it in the hundreds of peices it sits and look for a new/used bike on craigslist.

    I feel I know the answer but shoot anyways.

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    yeah, you will have to get a new bike. or used
    Quote Originally Posted by Dependent View Post
    Lol where would it break... it has the bigger axles...

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