About a year ago I purchased a Race Frame and Race Fork. I had a FSA new pig headset I installed and it seemed a little snug when I tried to turn. Seeing as I figured it would eventually seat itself after a few races I payed little attention to it. After one moto with it, it became very tight. I immediately disassembled everything looking for a wear pattern on the steer tube, raceway and I checked the condition of the retainer to no avail. I had a cheapo cro-mo bottom cup laying around and I installed it. It greatly reduced the binding. It's been a year of non-stop racing and it's getting tight again and I am sure the bottom cup needs to be replaced. One of the guys at the track was running his standard with S7M race forks and had the same problem. He claimed that S&M steer tubes are machined that way to give them the maximum OD to give them more strength, the problem is that you have to have a headset that won't interfere with the steer tube. I have contacted S&M and I am awaiting an answer.

Does anyone else have this problem ? If so what did you do to correct it. I'd rather not take off .001" at a time on the steer tube, I'd rather correct it by just getting a good fitting headset.