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    help with hub/wheel please!

    Hi everyone!

    (warning: long explanation ahead, may not be necessary. Read question on 3rd paragraph first)
    I recently bought a really cheap BMX bike from the local Target. It has a problem with it. It wouldnít ride right. I took apart the rear wheel and took apart the hub (I think thatís what its called. It has the bearings in it.). I attached 2 pictures showing the parts. A and B are 2 different views of the base. On B, where I outlined a part in red, there are grooves so that part H can fit in there. Part H is fit in with Part I, which is broken. Part C goes on part A (and B). Ball bearings, 2 pairs of 48, go on the top grooved-in part of C and the bottom grooved-in part, just below and above the jagged inner part of C (btw, I believe H is a braking mechanism and it works in the jagged part of C.) E and F (btw, it says FALCON 6HO on it) are top and bottom views of the final part that fits on top of parts A (and B) and C. Iím not sure where D goes but I can figure it out easily.

    So basically my question is, what is the name of part I and where can I get one? (Part I is about 4.2 cm diameter and I believe the wheel is 20 inches). Also, I need about 4 extra ball bearings that I lost. Anyone know where I can get those?

    Thank you for all of your help!

    Those are 2 differnet images. Chek em both out

    P.S. Heres a pic of my magna bike:

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    You just need a 16tooth freewheel. You can order one off of or go to your local shop, should run you about $20.

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