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Thread: Need Cranks

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    Need Cranks

    HEY, writing from the great white north!

    Where is the best place to buy Profile cranks... States or US? I'm looking for them as cheap as I can get them... dont care if they are new or not.

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    Profile cranks are not cheap! Profile cranks are some of the better ones around if you want cheap go with one piece, there are plenty of cheap one piece cranks. However if you want some of the best be prepared to cough up the ducks for it.

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    the cheapest i've seen new proofiles is around $130. i got my primos for that much. the other models of profiles (DJ, SS) are more expensive (SS is around $200, i'm not sure what the DJ's go for, but why even bother with those, they're the same size crank arm as the SS, but use the standard profile spindle, which doesn't make sense to me, i mean, if you're going to get beefy crank arms, a beefy spindle should come with it, and the weight isn't really that big of a deal).

    i'll stop rambling now...

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