Ok so i searched and searched and could not find anyting about my bike on here. I am looking to sell my 1999 Haro Group 1 AL 2.0 to get something new. I am wondering how much it is worth (if anything at all) i put a 3 pc crank on it (i don't remeber what it is. i am at work and i have only ridden the bike 2 times this past summer. i bought it from a friend who worked at a bike shop and bought it for his racing bike. i will look when i get home). it is a little dinged up from riding it. I can say at this point in time i know about ZERO about bikes, but i now i work down the street from 2 bike shops. i have been looking at bikes and want to get something new. I am looking at new Haro's or my buddy's old Backtrail. i'll toss up some pics later today or tonight.