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    Help me choose a used BMX

    I want to buy a BMX. With it, I want to learn to bunny hop and cruise around and have fun on it. Hopefully it would be lightweight. I am a beginner but I would like to buy a quality bike so it can have a high resale value if I decide BMX is not for me. Also my brother does flatland so I can maybe give it to him if I dont like it.
    My budget is $200.
    I would like a straight brake (not the gyro brakes that lets you spin the bars around), to cut down on weight; and I'm pretty sure I wont be trying any barspins.
    Actually I think brakes would be optional, I can always buy some brakes later.
    I would like the frame and fork to be full 4130 chromoly steel, because I read on the forums its lighter
    I would like for it to be somewhat lightweight (<30lbs) and have 3-pc cranks.

    Listed below are some bikes I picked out on craigslist around my area. Could you please have a look at the links and tell me which ones are worth it? I know there are a lot of links but I am new to BMX so I have no idea what to look for. My brother told me to look for companies that make exclusively BMX bikes (not also road/mtn bikes). But I noticed that Haro makes exclusively BMX bikes, but it seems some of their bikes are pretty bad, so I'm not sure if haro is a good company.

    Yellow Haro BMX X-01 Backtrail Series - $150

    Red Haro Bmx bike - $200

    Rhythm BMX Bike - $175

    Free Agent BMX Race Bike - $200

    RedLine Tarmac and Trail Series - $150 (are these 1pc or 3pc cranks?)

    Giant Bmx Bike - $150


    20.75'' DK BMX Park bike - $200

    MirraCo Blend 2 BMX Bike - $20

    2008 Haro F2 20inch BMX Green - $200

    Haro F2 series bmx bike - $150

    GT FLY - $110

    Fitbike Freestyle BMX Team Edt. - $200

    Freeagent BMX bike - $170

    Custom BMX Haro/Fly/Fit - $200

    haro f3 bmx bike - $90

    Fuse BMX Model-III - $125

    dragonfly bmx biike - $150

    20' bmx bike mirraco.fivestarpark - $180



    20inch Redline Bmx Bike - $80

    Hoffman bike - $150

    mosh bmx bike - $250

    free agent hell cat - $200

    dave mirra 20" $250 obo

    20" BMX Fitbike XL - $225

    BMX Intense.. - $240

    GT BMX Bike - $250

    dirt jumping bike built - $200

    Also what is the difference between a freewheel and cassette in the rear? I understand cassettes can be made smaller (9-11t) and freewheels are restricted to 15t and larger, but are cassettes better than freewheels? are they better made or last longer? From what I understand, a smaller tooth cog would wear out faster than a larger cog. But I guess with a smaller cog you can run a smaller chainring in the front and it would be less weight and size? Is that the appeal to using small cassettes?

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    The very last bike in that list SEEMS like the best.

    Freewheels are basically a cog the threads onto a freewheel hub. They now go down to a 12T which has bushings instead of bearings. And cassettes have a driver and a cog goes onto them. A 1-piece driver can go down to an 8T and a 2-piece can go down to an 11T I think. People like them because like you said, you can run smaller gears, which in turn makes it lighter and more out of the way.

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    word. go with the last one.

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