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    Getting my 9 year old sun a bike today. Need help.

    My son is 9 years old and exactly 75 pounds. He has way out grown his SE Ripper MINI and needs a bike NOW!I did everything ( new handlebars, longer stem etc) and he is just to big for it.

    I would like to go a little big and move to an Expert size bike. BMX Racing reccomendations please, and quick. He has practice this afternoon. We have a bike shop that carries all major brands (DK, Redline, SE, and so on) Trying not to spend 0ver 500 bucks.



    PS My first post here.....HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYONE! (Old school racer, running cruisers with the fat guys and loving it!)

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    Redline Proline Expert.
    DK Tracer Expert.
    GT Powerseries Expert.
    SE Ripper X.

    Take your pick. A few kids at the track have the SE and it's nice. But the other 3 are also really nice bikes. He might be able to get away with a Junior though depending on his size. Let him ride a few around.
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