I figured I would make a thread where you can look at bikes in your price range without having to search around the internet and crowd up the forums asking “What bike should I get for $X”. The main thing you want to look for in a quality bike that will last is a chromoly frame, chromoly parts (bars, forks, cranks), cassette hub, and sealed bearings. I will try to update as new stuff comes out and other bikes go on sale. This is only freestyle bikes, maybe I’ll do race ones later. If you have a bike I missed, tell me and I’ll add it. I hope it helps.

There are not really any high quality bikes in this range. Try to find something on sale maybe or look used. I’ll put down the ones that are at the top of quality for this range. But I recommend saving up a bit more money if you think you’ll get into it.

$290 2008 2-Hip Bizzle – main tubes chromo. Not a horrible bike for the price.
$300 2009 2-Hip Forcedown – full hi-tensile. Try to avoid.
$290 2009 DK Cygnus – Main tubes chromo. Sealed Mid BB, Standard headset. Decent bike.
$240 2009 DK Siklon – Can’t find much on it. No cassette hub. Doesn’t seem too good.
$280 2009 DK Ordinate – Hi-tensile frame w/ chromo DT. Cassette hub, chromo cranks.
$240 2009 Eastern Lowdown – garbage. Don’t even consider. It’s for your own good.
$285 2009 Eastern Paydirt – once again, don’t think about it.
$300 2009 Eastern Torino – Horrible bike with aluminum frame.
$265 2009 Hoffman Condor – Hi-tensile frame. Freewheel. Get something better.
$300 2009 Intense Crabtree – surprisingly, a decent bike. Chromo frame, 25/9 gearing.
$250 2010 Kink Curb – Steel frame. Freewheel. Stay away.
$260 2009 Kink Gap–Chromo top & down tubes. Integrated HS,chromo bars, 25/9.Get it.
$300 2009 Stolen Pinch – Steel frame. Freewheel. Unsealed BB.
$250 2009 Subrosa Salvador – Steel frame. Chromo cranks. Freewheel.
$225 2009 Subrosa Tiro – Stay away.
$300 2009 WTP Arcade – Steel frame. Freewheel.

I'll do way more later but figured I'd take a break for now.