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    wanting to buy a BMX bike

    well im 6ft 2, have a outside leg of 41inch & a inside leg of about 35inch (i think i just measured there with a measuring tape)

    Im wanting to buy a ready BMX bike not one i have to replace frame etc dont want it to cost too much because im only going to use it for being out and about. NOT DOING TRICKS!!

    i live in the UK!

    I saw these two bikes and i think i would fit them but i dont know lol!

    if none of them would fit me could you please direct me to some were that has a bike for someone my size! thanks

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    0 Thread(s) Im pretty sure they do international shipping. If not, i'm sorry. Look for something that has a minimum of 20.75" TT, more likely you'll need a 21" TT
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