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    Can anyone provide sone information on the standards of bicycles?
    If you know, give me some websites please.
    I want to have the information about the safety requirements, testing procedures details.
    It means how to be safe , testing steps details , or the specification

    Following are the listings of the standards of bicycles which i want:
    P.S.Majority i want is in BMX 1 .DIN 79105
    the others:
    2.DIN 79100
    3.DIN 79110
    4.DIN EN 14765
    5.DIN EN 14766
    6.DIN EN 14781
    7.ASTM F 2032
    8.BS EN 14766
    9.NF R30-003
    11.ISO 4210

    And i want to know whether there are mountain,racing ,normal cycles differences on a bicycles within a standard.thank you for your helping again.
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    Hmmm, sixty views, no response. Let me start by saying, I have now idea what all of your esoteric codes relate to. What kind of bicycles are you thinking of. I ride BMX. Half of the companies who make BMX bikes don't give two ****s about any safety codes, their only goal is profit (cough, cough, ****ing Haro...cough). There are other companies (Standard Bykes for example) who offer lifetime warranties on all of their products. As a point of interest, I have a Standard TRLS250 frame sitting in my room. The seat stay cracked, and now they are going to take it back and fix it for free. I'm not even the original owner. Between safety codes and that kind of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, I'll pick the commitment any old day of the ****ing week. Buy quality, don't worry about "codes". Does that help?

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