im new here. nice site by the way.

i am a member of several other sites....bmx mostly and have been in the comunity for several years now.

i have started a new site. its a referance site. i am looking for some honest feedback on it. i have had alot of friends from the other sites i am a member of, but you know....those are friends of mine. i want honest opinions.

so if any of you would care to help a brother out and give it a look, i would truely apreciate it. you can pm me here, or there. i go by spot there. heres the link.

thanks, and i really apreciate any feedback at all, please be honest.

also, can someone give me the name of the person on this site i would talk to about adding them to our site as a friends site? hopefully we can both help each other out.

thanks everyone.