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    whats my old junk worth?

    heres the short of the long:

    my family-mobile got stolen
    30hrs later my wife gives birth
    2 days later car shows up inside stripped, car seat, stroller and bike rack also gone
    7 days later i get the bill from the mechanic

    im looking to sell off this pair of boat anchors on craigslist to lessen the fiscal impact
    havent touched them in years, was wondering what to ask for, thanks

    standard tao frame, odyssey fork, gorilla headset
    good shape, no dents but has been "repainted"

    mutiny punisher w/dent in downtube
    totally beat and thrashed parts - primo cranks, hula hoop, volume fork, standard 4pc strip bars, 13t odyssey freewheel that clicks every few strokes

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    post that stuff on! I don't know about the Mutiny frame, but the Tao was an awesome frame. 4pc strip bars are a rare commodity as well.

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