Hi guys,

Would really appreciate some help finding the right BMX for my 7 year old. Im looking to spend no more than 140, i dont really want to buy rubbish from Halfords or Tescos etc, something half decent would be great!
Ive been doing much research, and now totaly confused if i need 20" or 18" wheels He is short-ish, with 19" inside leg, ive been looking at the Piranha 250, http://www.bikes2udirect.com/B3474.html which seems to be about right? what do you think? 3 piece crank and a gyro seem to be good for the money? But im no expert!!

ANy help/recomendations would be brilliant - i really dont want to take him to the LBS to size him up as it'll be too obvious what father christmas is bringing him I'd realllllllly like to keep it a suprise!!

Thanks all