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    87 gt pro freestyle tour brakes, rotor, lever, cables question

    I have no brakes now, I need brakes and levers. I wanted the original in white nippon front, 990 rear and tec 7 levers. However finding mint ones is hard and very pricey. I was think of what would be an upgrade in the late 80's early 90's, not sure what they would be? or my other option the best available today, since I'll be using this bike for freestyle. I was wondering if I could have studs put on my forks to accept 990 brakes without using an adapter, and if anyone knows who would do that for me? I want to use my low mount rear brake and my gyro, If there is a better gyro thats newer I'll use it as well since mine is spray bombed. What are my options? I want to know what rotor, cables, brakes and levers original, vs. new, vs. older upgrade vs. 990 front and rear. I need all in white. What gyro cables, what levers, what brakes, and what gyro should I use?
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    Im not much of an older brake expert, but if your forks are in good shape i wouldn't add brake tabs, buy other forks with tabs alrready on them.

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