I'm trying to track down a "BMX" bike I had as a kid between 1980-1983. It was my most favorate thing in the world. My dad sold it out from under me without asking between '86-'89 and all I have are memories, and a few key details to help me find it... Or one like it. So I'm asking anyone who has any knowlege of '80's "BMX" style bikes to help me identify what I had. This was after all my birthday present when I was 10.

To start off this bike was different. It came stock with blue tires, molded blue rubber 4 finger hand grips, metallic blue 2 finger trigger brakes,blue breaklines and a metallic blue paint on the frame and handle bars with the foam padding that said "BADGER".

My bike was sold in Kansas between 1986 and 1989. It had a metal blue and white "License tag" serial number located on the frame below the seat. We purchased the tag from the San Diego Police Departmet when we lived in California. Eventually, my parents bought these solid rubber intertubes you can slam a screw driver through and ruined my bike. They wrote it off as "junk". I want it back, reguardless of it's condition.

If you know what this bike is, where this bike is or who has this bike (mine or not) I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

I don't know who manufactured it, and I don't even have a picture. But any information would be appriciated. You can contact me at my Email skarekr0w3@gmail.com

Thank you.