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    Sticky threads for various pricepoints - AND the typical question

    Shouldn't there be a stickied thread for BMX bikes in several different price ranges, so everyone doesnt look at the first couple threads, not see the one they want, and start one asking how much money they need to leech from their parents to get a bike they can jump with? Yes, I know that was a long sentence

    There are similar threads in the mtn. biking section, and road.

    Maybe a few ranges,


    The initial post could be edited to include the suggestions from other members, so that first post would be all people needed to look at.
    I have no idea about BMX bikes, so, no I won't start said thread.

    I am interested in a bike in the 200-250 range, actually. This doesn't deserve a seperate topic, imo.
    I don't want to beat up my Hardrock too much, and have to replace it with another mountain bike, so I think I'll get a BMX for jumping type of stuff, and use the MTB for trail/off-road/road riding.

    I liked the Haro Backtrail X1 I saw in a bike shop (especially the price tag, eh ), but it didn't have a front brake

    I want one I can do a bit of jumping with, and wheelies, endos, bunny hops, etc. Pegs would be nice, at least rear, to stand on (The concept of grinding kind of scares me...), as would front brakes.
    Price range is realistically under $250-ish, although I can spend more if I must, can't say I see the point though...
    I might not buy it before next spring, since I need to get my new computer built (Motherboard, CPU, and graphics card are left, I intend to use most of my income for a while on that). I make on average, $75-125 per paycheck, after tax and etc.

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    While this seems like a good idea, there are a lot of BMX companies that don't offer a lot of their products (or any) online. This (especially) includes Haro. There are also many good bikes on the market in the $200-$300.00 price range, many of which are almost identical in design. Which is best is personal preference instead of actual quality differences.

    For the money: The DK Cincinnati from I think is an all around good deal and ideal for the entry level rider. It is most definitely an ENTRY level bike, which means there is a lot available to be upgraded on the bike, most notably the wheelset. But, it should last a rider a few years if they treat it right and isn't a wallet killer (about $220.00 or so).

    Now, some don't want front brakes, or 4 pegs, or they want something cheaper, or better. Some don't want to ride street (check for a whole other world of bmx bikes). Some want to ride dirt only and could care less about pegs. Then there are still a very few who just want to race and don't want to grind or get to serious with jumping at all. Which means that within each price point there could be several bikes and not one would be right for a speciific rider until they actually figured out what it is they wanted to do.

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