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    couple questions

    I bought this dyno compe today for 25 bucks. I plan on buildin it for my kids, (11 & 13) I had a compe in 94 when i was 14, and it was some of my best memories. anyways i got this compe now and i looked up serial numbers, stuff dont make sense, some sight tried to run down gt serial numbers but first off i dont have 8 consecutive numbers. I got GE 2009 and than above that I got SOJT17447. cant find much info on serial numbers like this. 2nd question is lookin at the bike, the forks seem hella swept back. all the pics I seen of compes they are straight down from the head tube. or swept forward. I seen a 2002 that was swept back but i dont think its as drastic as mine. I cant imagine someone
    hit the front end that hard, but wtf? is that normal for certain years. it looks like its swept back towards the crank 10 or 15 degrees. and last question I use Bike forums alot for different stuff. is there a site out there where i can find alot of dyno compe owners, that some of you may use already. thanks man

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    That fork is bent to **** man, sorry to say, it's scrap.

    If all that it needs is a tune up, seat and fork, keep it around (but please hit the sprocket with a wire wheel and paint), otherwise it's not a special bike at all really.
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