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    Back street riding and hitting the skateparks again... Need a new bike! Suggestions?

    So... in the Spring of 2011 I sold my S&M Sabbath frame. That thing was sturdy as hell but heavy as well. Worked well for flatland tricks and some street but just too hard to really throw around.

    I have an old Schwinn aluminum frame from about ten years ago that I've been using for street as well as at Ray's MTB skatepark in Cleveland Ohio.

    I'm a 35 yr old male, 5'10", 185 lbs and I am looking for a good bike... not some chain store cheapy. In the old days ... S&M, Standard, Hoffman, FBM, etc were the companies producing good frames.

    I've recently been looking at FIT bike company and it looks like I can find a good complete bike for @$400-$500.

    What other complete bikes can the forum suggest that would put up with the rigors of street and skatepark?

    Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Don't use that Alum frame for street! It'll fold on you. Danscomp has a lot of good bikes, start there. Make sure that you get as much chromoly as you possibly can, it'll last and help a ton. A lot of the completes from Dans are decent starters, and only a few are really going to give you that pro-esque quality.
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