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    BMX Tube new website for bikers

    Mods, if this is i the wrong place I apologise.

    Just so you know this is not a spam email; my name is Damien Norris and I have been around the BMX Race scene for 8 years; my son is Jamie Norris-Still currently racing in the 12ís age group (UK).

    Check out this new website, BMX Tube at the moment there is not a lot going on, but the number of members, videos and photos is steadily rising. It is up to the riders and fans to populate the site.

    BMX Tube is exactly (more or less) YouTube (on roids) for BMXerís with some extra bells and whistles, its free to join and you can upload as many videos and photos as you like, there is also the option of uploading your music, though these are disabled at the moment until I do some help docs to keep the file sizes down. If you already have your vids and pics somewhere else you can just use a URL link to show off you stuff, no need to re-upload to BMX Tube.

    It isnít just for racing, I put it on BMXTalk first as thatís what I know and what my son does. On BMX Tube there are categories for all kinds of BMX, 4X, Dirt, Park, Trails, Trials; Downhill etc. if Iíve missed anything let me know, or any other kind of cycling.

    Although there is nothing at all wrong with YouTube, BMX Tube was created to try and keep all our BMX videos in one place for easy access. Over the coming weeks I will create a set of help and demo docs but basically if you can use YT you should be OK with BMX Tube.

    I am currently compiling a help doc showing how the Group system can be used for either a Team or Club area that allows the Group owner to invite members to join the Group with the option of allowing members to upload content or have the Group admin be solely responsible for content.

    If there are enough people using the site I will add some apps so that you can upload vids and pics straight from your mobile devices.

    Some of the features are listed below, and if it is used enough I will extend the capabilities,

    Search Engine
    Favourite, comments, ratings and reporting
    Facebook Comments (puts the vid or pic on your wall)
    Groups system

    Donít forget, it is up to you to populate the site. As this is for BMX+ I will delete any offensive videos

    Kind Regards!


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    Moved from General Cycling to BMX.
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    Kind of a rad idea. You developed the whole site yourself?
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    The brake lever is on the handlebars, so no one can complain about that.
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