hi,im camilo and im 16
i want to get started with bmx ,mainly to go out with friends ,do some tricks,and cruise around town.im not interested in racing and stuff like that.i am looking for something that is not big,light ,and some info about the pars of a bike since i dont know anything at all.my budget is 250-300 (american)and i live in colombia ,so the price range may be different here.
so far i have two options
1st: Bicicleta Bmx - $ 470.000 en MercadoLibre (210$)
2nd:Bicicleta Gw Bmx Shimano Elite Aluminio - $ 400.000 en MercadoLibre (200$)

i want to start with something cheap before i really start to become better.im 5'7 and i weight 110 lbs.