2 days to go and I am getting excited just a little bit. Yesterday I worked on my touring bike cleaning tuning adjusting lubing etc. I got interrupted 3 times with friends or friends of friends coming by to get their bike fixed or adjusted..

I got out for a nice 30 mile shake down ride today. I havent ridden this bike much when i am not touring and can really tell the differance from my road bike. the geomitry is so much more relaxed and is geared much lower for hauling and climbing One thing I really noticed is I use Looks on the road bike and have SPD onteh touring rig it jsut felt strange for a while. Everything worked fine today . abouyt 10 or so miles into the ride I developed a creek in the handle bar area. It drove me crazy figuring it out. It was a loose hex head bolt when tightened eliminated the noise 95%. it still has a little creek but I think some grease should take care of that.

I found almost all of my gear, and am putting it together tonight. I need to make one trip to the LBS and get a clamp on mirror I must have lost or misplaced the one I had . I have to put some tools together yet Other than that I think I am set to go. In the words of a Willie Nelson tune I cant wait to get on the road again

The plan is to drive 200 miles to my place in western Wisconsin (see picture) and park my pick up in my garage on Tuesday. I should start riding on Wednesday. Since I am not rushed for time, if it is raining Wednesday I can wait an extra day I would like the first day out to be not in the rain. After that I will take what ever comes my way. I have a few loose ends to tie up at work tomorrow then by 5:30 pm I am done.