Like I said in another post i got off the road yesterday to catch up on all the news and rest I planned to stay in great falls 2 nights I found what i thought was a good enough place to stay in the center of town close to the libarary grocery and cool places to check out. Now one of the reasons a tourist takes a roon instead of camping is to REST up!! the place was friendly enough during the day but at night the employees sat arround drinking and being loud and obnoxious right outside of my room 2 x i went out and asked to either hold down the noise or move the party of me to another room. they said "sorry" and were quiet for a little while. If you have ever tried to reason with a bunch of drunks you understand that they really dont know how loud they are. When i got up and got coffie there was an older guy in the loby i didnt say anything, when i was ready for the second cup i thought i would tell him i would stay another night if he would move me. I only pay one night at a time something ive learned now one of the girls making all the noise was aLSO at the desk and she acted like nothing happened. I told her id stay another night as she was pulling my card out I said " i have to ask you something", if you are having partys in frount of my room i wanted a different room" she got huffy and said " we were just sitting there" I replied "you kept me awake and I am paying the bills and your salery" the other guy must have been the manager or owner and was on the phone he began to yell at me saying he couldnt hear anything on the phone this really ticked me off so i dumped the coffie and said no problem ILL leave and find another place to stay.

I was allready packed up so after putting my riding cloths on I split and found another place in a quiet street and nice peole running it. many what a way to run a business.

These are the things that come up as well as all the good things but when on the road everything for a reason.....