I am Riding like a crazy man now , trying to go as far as i can by friday night then ILL hop on the train, hopefully I will be in Fargo N D by then and ride the train to just over the mississippi river and get off in La Crosse Wisconsin. the train leaves from fargo at 12 midnight or so and gets in La crosse the next morning at 10 am ILL decide where to go in wisconsin when i get there maybe up to lake supieor and the great north woods, or accross the central part and on to green bay and door county then down the lake frount south ending in Milwaukee area.

Its getting late and I still want to tour some in wisconsin for a while befor ending up this ride. ILL cross Minisota by train and go back to biking in Wisconsin .The colors should be getting good soon I figure another coupla of weeks or so then head for the barn.

Hey its all good out here!! but this morning I was thinking that I should have started earlier in the season, but i was too broke till Mid august to get things together. On my ride last year i was headed west and south so by this time last year each day was warmer as i headed twords southern california. OK so thats the change in direction for now.

thanks for all the kind words and thoughts I read today from you all keep doing what ever it is that your doing. and if anyone is interested in a bike ride together we can meet up some place a days ride into Milwaukee area and ride in on the last day together