Yesterday was about the nicest day in a long time. the temp was 75-80 the sun was bright and each mile I rode north the colorfull trees got more colorfull. I missed that all last year because at this time I was headed south on the pacific coast. The road was sometimes flat today and sometimes rolling hills enough to make me work and enjoy the down hill ride.

The first part of the day was still along hy 35 and the mississippi river then i got on to hy 25 and ahd intermittentent paved shoulder to ride on, at one point there was no shoulder at all for about 10 miles but traffic was light. later in the day I came into menomonee and stayed for the night.

About 10 miles out of menomonee I met a middle aged couple out riding there bikes for the day they took a long weekend and were enjoying this indian summer day we talked at length about cycling and touring seems they are both retireing next march and are concidering a long self contained tour lots of folks have this seed planted in there mind these days.

Today was a little cooler and picked up a slight tail wind after ai stoped in a bar/cafe for brekfast. the place was friendly and the pancakes were too big couldnt finish them. I said I must be up north now, because all the places i stop at have hudge fish mounted on the walls. I noticed that a pack of cigeretts cost $4.50 a pack sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit back inb 1988 when i quit they were $1.50 a pack and i thought that was too much!!!

I picked up a tail wind after the brekfast stop and was cruising pretty well up and down the hills the sun is put occasionally and shining through these spectacular colors in the trees I think my favorite is the ones that are ornge and red of course the yellow golden ones are good too hey there all good

Just turned on to hy 8 now in the town of barron and gong to head east to hy 51 if you wanted to know exactly where i am at. There is a frount comming through and rain tonight sunny tomorrow and COLD!! I stoped at K mart last night and bought a insulated vest to ware along with my jacket to keep my torso warm. i got good wearm gloves and a skull cap for under the helmet. I just get mey feet cold yet but thinking about a way to remidey that.
time is up got to go thanks for stopping by