i am about 5 days behind in logging here
made it to eagle river this day its been 16 years since ive been here so i almost didnt recognize the town some of the old stuff is still here but a lot of new stuff big hotels fast food and a new by pass. I got here just in time to see 20,000 tourists cram every available room in the area for cramberryfest. I was going to get a room and ride out to see kenny at the shack not knowing what he might have going but since ther was no place to stay i made the ride out to the woods and kenny's place.

When i left he had big plans for hius shack and wondered how he was getting along with them. Kenny is a bit of a genious although somewhat misguided him and I raised pigs together when neither one of uis knew a thing about it. It makes for a good story but another time for that.

I got to the shack and saw two of these hudge pigs way past the time to get butchered in the yard a big ole dog ties up and a note on the door that incase of emergancy call johanne or rich ect. I at first thought he might be out of town but then he wouldnt leave with pigs to be nbutchered and his dog in the yard. I rode down the rode to the resort to see if he was working there, they have changed hands since the orignal owners retired and didnt know kenny I went back and decided to call Johanne and ask about his whereabouts. She answered and I said ai was a friend and was at the shack looking for Kenny, She told me he is in milwaukee at the v a hospital. I asked what was up and he is being treated for cancer. she asked if i wanted to get in the shack and spend the night i said yes maybe 2 nights and she came right over to give me the key. In the old days hter was just a combination lock on the door and the combo was 10-20-30 easy to remember.

Me and Joanne talked a while and she asked if i would feed and water the pigs 2x a day while i was here i said ofcourse.

that afternoon I called the v a and talked to kenny he sounded real down when i answered but i said "HEY" i am a blast from your past and he quickly figured out who i was and said where are you" I said on your frount porch then he said "you a** hole" and seemed to perk up as we talked a while says he is getting out on the 26th its been a long time since we saw each other but have kept in contact through letters from arround the world.

I got a fire going to take the chill out of the shack he really did a nice job of rebuilding still no electricty but has gas lights and wood heat and a gas cook stove. Rich showed up to drain the water lines then we went to eat and drink too much. Later when i got back i let the dog in and she seemed to like the idea of sleeping inside for a change.

overnight it snowed about an inch and was cold when i got up Feed and watered the pigs and decided to hitchhike to town and get grocerys.the sun was out and was a crisp day,buy the time i reached the hy it was snowing again and blowing then it really started coming down and i was getting wet and cold. cars didnt even slow down finially someone stoped and it was an old friend Dorelle she took me to where i wanted to go I got breakfast at dons dinky dinner now run by fay then got grocerys and hitched back I made a nice chicked stew and looked arround at all the improvements that were made arround the place.

Stayed another night then left on sunday morning.