65 miles from eagle river to Antigo

got going arround 10 am I wanted to make antigo intime for the packer fame at 3:15 pm it was cold to start I bought soime neopreem booties to cover my feet to try to keep them warm i had on a long sleeve jersey and my ridoing jacket and a insulated vest over that and a skull cap under my helmet. ikept mpoving to keep warm. I rolled on through three lakes and thought about stopping for something to eat but kept moving.the wind was in my face again today but i was making good progress the last 15 miles the road made a slight turn and it wasnt a direct hit with the wind and i was cruising now about 16 -20 mph I got to antigo at 2:45 that was real good time concidering everything, found a room at a frienday place ordered a pizza and watched the game and saw the news about striking back.