made a mistake on numbering this is the day after day 58 post

made 61 miles today to clintonville this was all tuff miles serious head wind. It started out warm then got cold enough to put on more cloths. I knew there was a state trail close to the route i was taking one of those rails to trails things. I looked a coupla times but couldnt find the trail head i figured if i got on that it would block some of this wind but didnt want to waste valubal time looking for it. When i got to tigerton i saw it roght along the road so i got on it and wa nice for about 5 miles i stoped and ate an ornge and took a coupla pics then the train got full of ruts and not good so i got back on the hy

Later on i found it again and decided to get back on it was in good shape here I went thropugh split rock then all of a sudden ther was a sign trail closed private property and i had no idea wher i was according to the map if i stayed on this trail id eventually caom back out on hy 45 about 10 or so miles from clintonville. so i decided to tresspass and keep going I did come out but was kinda lost now on some country road i rfound a farm and being familiar with farms and farmers i stoped by a guy filling his silo with fresh siledge. I told him i was lost and where i wanted to go he gave me simple direstions on a nice route that brought me back on to hy 45 just north of clintonville, a nice lady stoped and gave me 2 fresh home made oatmeal raisen cookies (my favorite) i got on 45 and was really dragging it i was near exhustion from fighting the wind and wondered how many more miles to c ville. About this time a guy in an old mail delivery truck came along side and hollored its 3 miles to c ville I gave him the thumbs up sign and got inspired to hammer into town. more about this guy later