When you were a kid, did a Boys & Girls Club make a difference in your life? Do you (or did you) take your kids to a Boys & Girls Club?

When I was a kid, my local Boys & Girls Club was where I learned to swim and use woodworking tools.

I am the team captain for a cycling team that is riding on July 21 to raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club in Madison, Wisconsin. The ride is organized by Trek (a local company) and itís one of the bigger charity bike rides in Madison.

Last year I raised $760, and this year I've set a goal of $1,000. I'd be grateful if you could help me reach and surpass that goal, by sponsoring me with a pledge.

I realize that Wisconsin may be far away for you. But I would appreciate even a pledge as small as $10 or $5. As team captain, I am trying to show my team how small pledges can really add up, if you're just willing to ask.

To sponsor me, please visit my rider page and click on "Sponsor Me" (and please enter a comment Ö we like comments!)

I'll offer a ride report to my sponsors after the event. Thank you!